Democratic ownership can transform industries

Since 1977, the ICA Group has applied expert analysis, results-based planning and a collaborative management approach to start and grow worker cooperatives, democratic ESOPs, and other social purpose ventures.

Inspired by the Mondragon experiment in Northern Spain, the founders of ICA promoted worker cooperatives as a means to prevent job loss and create stable communities. Over the last 38 years, this remains at the core of our approach. We utilize best practices to build democratic ownership for a new economy.

Our Mission

“To expand economic opportunity and self-determination by supporting initiatives that empower workers, build community assets, and root capital locally through employee ownership.”

Our Impact

Since our founding, ICA has helped start more thirty worker co-ops and social enterprises, helped dozens of companies convert to worker ownership, and saved or created over 10,000 jobs. We have provided strategic guidance to scores of mission aligned non-profits and through our work managing the Alternative Staffing Alliance over 30,000 people with barriers to employment find work each year. Our sister loan fund LEAF has invested and leveraged over $91 million in worker and community owned firms resulting in the creation or retention of more than 6,000 jobs.

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“The ICA Group is unique in the U.S. in providing sophisticated and undogmatic technical assistance to worker cooperatives, built upon a decades long track record that retains a deep commitment to social justice.  This mixture of clear-eyed expertise and unswerving mission means they understand what it takes to make a worker cooperative succeed—both as a democratic workplace and as a thriving enterprise generating stable jobs for worker owners.”

– Steven Dawson, Strategic Advisor  PHI

Our Program Areas

Jobs & Asset Building

We work with business owners of all types to preserve and improve job quality through selling their company to their employees. Using a straight forward, customer focused approach, we help business owners cement their legacy and stabilize communities. READ MORE

New Ownership Opportunities

In key industry sectors, we work with community partners to develop worker co-ops & social enterprises that operate at a scale and scope that creates real economic change for a significant number of workers and serves as an example to the market at large. READ MORE

Business Tools & Supports

Our best in class business tools integrate strategy, governance, financial, and capital structure in a single approach tailored worker owned firms & social enterprise. Through classes, peer networks, and publications, we help firms reach their true potential. READ MORE