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Fostering Employee and Community Based Ownership

Fostering Employee and Community Based Ownership

Business Transfers and Conversions

Workers often lose out when a business owner retires or when outside capital buys out a firm facing market challenges. ICA works with business owners of all types to preserve and improve the quality of jobs through converting their firm to a worker cooperative, a social enterprise cooperative, or a democratic ESOP. Using industry specific tools, we provide ongoing support for business expansion through building peer networks that can facilitate peer learning and group purchasing.


ICA’s approach is to provides simple straightforward tools designed to minimize costs, yet ensure that the interests of all parties are addressed. ICA has been instrumental in transactions in a variety of industries and companies ranging in value from less than $1 million to more than $20 million. For more information on how ICA can help you achieve your goals, email us or check out our resources page. (Download our brochure).