Business Planning & Feasibility Studies

ICA’s specialty is preparing feasibility studies for employee buyouts, developing business plans for new employee-owned ventures and social enterprises, and providing ongoing financial and management consulting services. A well crafted business plan is more than simply something to raise capital with, it should be a document that drives a firm’s strategy for years. A feasibility assessment that makes a clear headed decision about how likely a project will succeed can save groups significant amounts of time, money and can ensure that promises made to workers and communities are realistic.


ICA provides a full range of business consulting services, including feasibility assessment, market research, industry analysis, financial modeling and business planning. Ours is a collaborative approach, where we work closely with our partners to ensure that the market intelligence we gather is fully understood. Each year we help numerous firms and non-profits start and grow worker owned firms, social enterprises, and help bring non-profit programs to scale. We have played a critical role in the development of many of the largest and most successful worker co-ops, social enterprises, and democratic ESOPs and have helped create or save over 10,000 jobs.