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The ICA Group is working to transform the child care industry through cooperative ownership models. Starting in Illinois and New York, ICA is converting child care centers to worker ownership and incubating a cooperative network of child care businesses, linking both family child care and center-based businesses through shared services, technology, and advocacy. These networks will serve to strengthen child care businesses, increase worker pay and agency, and expand access to care, especially in low-income communities.

As a Child Care Strategist Intern you will support the expansion of this innovative project into additional U.S. states, including Mississippi, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Interns will conduct in-depth analysis of state child care systems to inform ICA’s cooperative development strategy.

This is a part-time (10-15 hour/week), paid internship located in our Northampton, MA office.


Core responsibilities include:

  • Researching child care ecosystems (e.g. government programs, industry trends, key advocates and funders, etc.)
  • Data collection, analysis, and mapping of child care businesses
  • Survey development
  • Developing reports, outreach materials, and tools to support the work of the child care team
  • Responding to targeted research requests
  • Other duties as assigned

Candidate Competencies

Graduate level student with a background in childcare and/or early education and/or a background in labor or community organizing. Must have a deep understanding of working with low-income communities and communities of color.

  • Enrollment in a graduate field of study.
  • Excellent research skills. Familiarity with policy research methods (e.g. policy analysis, legislative histories, power mapping) preferred.
  • Excellent computer skills generally.
  • Familiarity with child care or education policy. Prior experience working in child care industry preferred.
  • Ability to devote at least 10 hours a week.

About The ICA Group

We believe worker ownership is an integral part of creating a fundamentally fairer economy where every person has economic security and access to valued, dignified work. The ICA Group is the country’s leading expert on worker ownership and the oldest national organization dedicated to the development of worker cooperatives. We are a mission driven non-profit organized as a worker cooperative that brings to the worker ownership sector a level of analysis and rigor offered by the most competitive national business advisory firms. We combine this with a deep understanding of worker ownership and other worker-centered structures and a commitment to serving low-wage workers and communities of color. To accomplish this, we currently focus our work in the following strategic areas:

  • Industry transformation: Economic democracy can transform industries, creating competitive and successful firms that offer high quality jobs. We work in industries that are ripe for large-scale transformation to give employees a voice in their workplace and raise job quality industry-wide. We currently have program areas in the child care, home care, and temporary staffing sectors.
  • Conversions to worker ownership: ICA is the leading practitioner of worker ownership conversion in the US for small businesses and worker cooperatives. We work directly with businesses to convert their company to a cooperative and partner with groups throughout the US to drive more conversions to worker ownership as a means to prevent job loss and create stable communities.
  • Strategic consulting: The ICA Group maintains a general consulting practice to respond to the needs of the field. We provide the full range of business consulting services to worker-owned businesses, including consultations to help them grow, raise capital, or improve their governance or ownership culture. We also work with labor unions, cities, and mission aligned non-profits, finance institutions, and foundations that are interested in using market-based strategies to serve their constituencies. We conduct market studies, strategic planning, evaluation, and other services to help these organizations develop, launch, evaluate, and improve their program areas.

How to Apply

Please email a resume and cover letter (either as Word or PDF attachments) to: Anne McSweeney (amcsweeney@ica-group.org). Please submit your application using the subject line: “Application for Child Care Strategist Intern”: [Your First and Last Name]”

No phone calls, please. We will call candidates to schedule interviews. Applications will be accepted until we fill the position.

The ICA Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We seek to create an organization that is reflective of the people we serve. Women and people of color are strongly encouraged to apply.