Business Practice Tools & Supports

ICA believes that training and education can make a significant difference to employee owned companies & social enterprises. Effective and meaningful programs can profoundly improve productivity, corporate performance, and employee satisfaction. Our staff of trained consultants design programs to meet your firm’s specific needs and to make the benefits of ownership & mission focus both tangible and enduring. We do this through a combination of short term education and training programs and long term organizational development aimed at achieving significant and effective organizational change. Our approach emphasizes the importance of training people working inside companies to assume leadership roles in the implementation of long term organizational development and change. Check out our Resource Library for more information.



Democracy at Work Institute: To succeed, worker co-ops need a dynamic business strategy that all members of the co-op own and can articulate. How is it your co-op is going to find customers, sell them products and services they want, and do this over the long run? ICA has conducted numerous workshops for DAWI in both Chicago and New York to help worker co-ops work through a process that provides insight into what makes their business tick, how to understand their market, and how this analysis can help them succeed.


Alternative Staffing Alliance: One of the biggest challenges facing workforce development organizations pursuing an enterprise strategy is building a business culture within a non-profit organization. Since 2007, ICA has worked to strengthen alternative staffing organizations through the development of tools and resources, such as our annual performance survey, or the dozens of sessions the Alliance holds for its members online or in person each year. 


Equal Exchange – To realize the true potential of worker ownership, co-ops boards must be prepared to truly lead in an engaging and insightful manner. ICA provided the Equal Exchange Board of Directors with in-depth training designed to engage current and prospective worker owners in learning how to read and understand financial statements. Using a specialized and interactive approach, students learned the basics of income statements, balance sheets, ratio analysis, and cash flow analysis.