Long Term Care (Eldercare / Disability services)

We work in multiple areas of the long term care sector, assisting existing owners to transition to employee ownership, providing strategic guidance to operators and workforce development groups in the field, and providing technical assistance to startups. The health care sector has been the main driver of job creation in the US for many years, yet it is the eldercare / disability services industry that is the key driver of job growth within the healthcare field. Three of the fastest growing occupational sectors in the US economy are concentrated in the long term care industry. Yet these critical jobs, filled primarily by women and people of color, suffer low wages, dangerous working conditions, and generally provide very little input for the direct care workers. We work with innovative groups that use a workforce redesign strategy to both raise industry standards and create opportunities for career growth.

Home Care: ICA’s work in the home care sector dates back to our support in founding Cooperative Home Care Associates, the country’s largest worker cooperative. Since then ICA has provided business planning, technical assistance, and financing to support the development of home health care companies in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. We also work with PHI, an affiliate of Cooperative Home Care in their work to positively impact public policy and provide training support for direct care workers.

Nursing Homes / Assisted Living: ICA’s work in this sector has included supporting employee buyout efforts of nursing homes, financial analysis for healthcare unions, and strategic and business planning services to not-for-profits working to improve the quality of long term care.  Since 2008, we have provided ongoing strategic guidance and market research support for the Green House Project, a program of Capital Impact Partners that pairs a small house design with a redesigned workforce that greatly enhances both resident health outcomes and overall satisfaction.