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Fostering Employee and Community Based Ownership

Fostering Employee and Community Based Ownership

Research & Strategy

ICA builds off the practical knowledge it derives from its consulting engagements to provide strategic guidance and planning support for mission aligned non-profit organizations.

  • Strategic Planning

    ICA’s specialty is using data to enhance the scope and performance of quality job-creating firms and the organizations that support them. Through a process of identifying existing public and private databases, combining that with original survey work and supplemented by targeted interviews, we are able to develop models that allow organizations to analyze and explore their market in ways they did not think possible.

  • Policy Analysis

    ICA’s history of working on policy dates back to our earliest days when ICA drafted and helped pass the first incorporation statute for worker cooperatives in the country. Today, much of our policy work stems from our coordinated industry focused approach to changing the workforce .

  • Market Research

    ICA specializes in combining desk research, qualitative interviews and professionally designed original surveys to understand the real complexities of a market. In the industries where we focus our efforts, we know the best and most useful databases, we have deep connections with industry players who can guide our research process, and we have the technical expertise to combine these various resources into actionable information that is low cost and high return.

  • Program Evaluation

    ICA operates at the intersection of workplace democracy and workforce development. We work with community-based organizations, foundations, in addition to state and local economic development organizations to devise business development programs that address the economic needs of low to moderate income communities.