Social Enterprise Development

ICA’s enterprise based approach to community economic development is model neutral, but mission driven. We help non-profits working to support workers through social enterprise understand the business challenges they will face and bridge the gap between social mission and market realities. Our work in the social enterprise space is focused on helping existing social enterprises share ownership with their workers as well as starting and growing alternative staffing organizations, an employment strategy that uses a temporary staffing business platform coupled with supportive services to help people with obstacles to employment enter and advance in the workforce. Alternative staffing organizations (ASOs) act as intermediaries between employers and job seekers, helping employers attract and retain reliable, motivated workers and linking job seekers to competitive employment, opportunities for skills development and pathways to hire by employer customers.


We have an in depth understanding of what it takes to succeed as an effective social enterprise while supporting the mission of creating job opportunities for people with criminal records, people experiencing homelessness, foster youth and people with disabilities. If your non-profit is considering an enterprise strategy, ICA can work with you to test the feasibility of your business and if the market opportunity exists, shepherd you through the challenging process of going to market.

If your workforce development agency interested in how alternative staffing could help the people you work with succeed, visit the Alternative Staffing Alliance website.

Employee ownership boosts productivity and profitability, if your social enterprise  might benefit from shared ownership or control, check out ICA’s resources for business transfers.