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Fostering Employee and Community Based Ownership

Fostering Employee and Community Based Ownership

The ICA Difference

At the ICA Group, we believe that job ownership is good for everyone – for workers, for businesses, for communities, for the very health of our democracy.  Through decades of practice, we have seen again and again what it takes to help projects succeed and the difference groups can make when they engage advisors with the requisite business experience and who share their core values.

The ICA Group’s Mission

“To expand economic opportunity and self-determination by supporting initiatives that empower workers, build community assets, and root capital locally through employee ownership.”

The ICA Group is in a unique position to leverage democratic ownership to empower all kinds of workers. Our firm embodies a special combination of skills and experience in worker cooperatives, workforce development, Employee Stock Ownership Plans and organized labor.  We apply industry data and analytical tools in a manner that is accessible to laymen and directly applicable to everyday business practice. Our staff and consultants are well-regarded as researchers, trainers, analysts and business practitioners, all.  For us, employee ownership and job quality are not an after-the-fact-icing-on-the-cake consideration, but rather an integral part of a systematic strategy for changing current labor market practice.

We see economic self-determination as a key component of a society where the livelihoods of individuals, and the communities in which they live, are stable and secure. This core value guides our efforts to ensure people have a meaningful say in their own economic future through the development of organizations that:

“If I wanted to scale employee ownership in the U.S. to have real impact, and something like The ICA Group didn’t already exist, I would have to create it. They are a go-to resource for strategic financial analysis for worker owned firms and startups.”

– Melissa Hoover, Democracy at Work Institute

  • Provide a democratic workplace, where workers have a role in the governance of the firm and, ideally, an ownership stake;

  • Pay fair wages and benefits with potential for income growth;

  • Create opportunities for the accumulation of tangible assets to foster long term economic security;

  • Offer education and training opportunities designed to improve job quality and support career advancement;

  • Retain jobs and root capital locally through community and worker ownership.

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