Business Development Services

  • Business Transfers and Conversions

    ICA works with business owners of all types to preserve and improve the quality of jobs through converting their firm to a worker cooperative, a social enterprise cooperative, or a democratic ESOP. Using industry specific tools, we provide ongoing support for business expansion through building peer networks that can facilitate peer learning and group purchasing.

  • Business Planning & Feasibility Studies

    ICA provides a full range of business consulting services, including feasibility assessment, market research, industry analysis, financial modeling and business planning. Ours is a collaborative approach, where we work closely with our partners to ensure that the market intelligence we gather is fully understood.

  • Social Enterprise Development

    We help non-profits working to support workers through social enterprise understand the business challenges they will face and bridge the gap between social mission and market realities.

  • Education & Training

    Effective and meaningful programs can profoundly improve productivity, corporate performance, and employee satisfaction. Our staff of trained consultants design programs to meet your firm’s specific needs and to make the benefits of ownership & mission focus both tangible and enduring.