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Quality child care in the earliest years of life is critical to improving long-term education outcomes and breaking the cycle of poverty. Yet, many child care businesses are financially insecure and unable to pay livable wages, including to the business owners themselves. Through rigorous business consulting, access to capital, and cooperative ownership models, The ICA Group is building a better child care industry for child care business owners and workers.

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I own a child care center and I’m thinking about:

  • Retirement and Exit Planning

    Although it can be hard, planning for your eventual exit from your child care business is one of the best things you can do to enhance the value of your business, ensure your legacy, and achieve the retirement you desire.

    Exit Planning Consultation

    Our exit planning staff will work with you to help you set exit goals and determine your financial needs for retirement.  After this consultation you will receive:
    ‣ Business health check and cost of care analysis
    ‣ Enterprise Valuation
    ‣ Analysis of business value drivers and tips to maximize value
    ‣ A summary of paths to exit the business

    Contact us to find out if you qualify. There is no cost and all information remains strictly confidential.


    Valuation Guide

    Understanding the “fair market value” of your business can help you plan for the future of the business and your retirement. Review these resources to better understand what a buyer might pay for your business and how to increase this value.

    Download our guide: A Guide to Determine and Increase the Value of Your Child Care Business

    Valuation Webinars

    What is a valuation?

    Watch our Business Valuation For Child Care Businesses Webinar Series

    Child Care Business Valuation 101

    How Valuations Work for Child Care Businesses

    How to increase the Value of Your Child Care Business

    Exit Planning

    Ensuring Your Legacy: A Guide to Exit Planning for Child Care Business Owners (Coming soon!)

  • Growing and Improving My Business

    Operating a successful child care business can be complex. The ICA Group can partner with you to strengthen your day-to-day operations, plan for uncertain times, and explore growth opportunities.
    Our business consultants will work with you to assess the strengths and the challenges facing your business and create a user-friendly dashboard to track your business. Based on your goals, our consultants can help you:
    • make strategic decisions,
    • increase your confidence in explaining your business to parents and funders, and
    • plan for long-term business stability and growth.

    We also work with qualified business owners and partners to expand or develop new child care centers. To support developing child care businesses, ICA provides:
    • market demand analysis
    • competitive analysis
    • feasibility analysis,
    • staffing analysis, and
    • facilitates access to financing.

    Business Assessment and Consulting

    Contact us to learn if you qualify for free consulting

    ✓ Receive a business dashboard highlighting the metrics to track each month and how to calculate them

    ✓ Understand how your business is performing compared to industry benchmarks

    ✓ Receive practical recommendations for business improvement

    ✓ Learn your per child cost of care

  • Selling my Business to My Employees

    Many child care business owners want to preserve their legacy and ensure their business continues serving the community long after they retire. Selling the business to its workers can achieve these goals while also increasing staff compensation, retention, and engagement in the business.

    ICA is a national leader in employee ownership. Contact us to receive a free consultation and explore whether employee ownership conversion is right for you and your business.


    Employee-Ownership: What Does it Mean for Child Care Businesses?

    Ensuring your legacy: succession planning & democratic employee ownership

    4 Reasons Selling Your Business to Your Employees is Good for You, Your Staff, and Your Community!

    You can realize a higher gain selling to your employees.

    The sale can happen gradually, at a pace that suits your needs and that you can control.

    Employee owned firms are more profitable and faster growing than traditional companies.

    It rewards employees and strengthens your community.

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