New Ownership Opportunities

Democratic ownership can transform industries and demonstrate to the broader business community models that combine high road business practices with solid financial results. Through this program ICA helps start new democratically owned and run firms, and social enterprises focused on providing job access to the hard to employ. In key targeted industry sectors, we work with community partners to develop firms that operate at a scale and scope that creates real economic change for a significant number of workers and demonstrates to the market at large how this approach can be replicated.

“ICA’s presentation helped set the stage for one of the better discussions our organization has ever had. The report was superb and will help us beyond the creation of an alternative staffing organization. ICA’s work exceeded my expectations.”

– Pat Steele, Central Iowa Works


Our Community Market: In partnership with leaders in the food sector, ICA is working to develop a worker and community owned grocery store that features fresh foods at affordable prices, while still offering great service, and ensuring high quality jobs. Worker and community ownership isn’t enough to make a grocery store competitive and affordable. Our Community Market leverages a unique distribution system and operational strategy, combined with a network of stores that can achieve real economies of scale to address head on the challenges stores in low and moderate income communities face.


Wellspring Cooperative Corporation: ICA has been working with Wellspring, a non profit worker co-op incubator working to create worker owned companies focused on employing residents of Springfield, Massachusetts with barriers to employment. Wellspring launched their first co-op, an upholstery firm in the 2013 and they are currently working to launch a second co-op, a greenhouse. ICA provided market analysis, financial modeling, governance structure, and in securing outside capital.


Central Iowa Works: ICA tested the feasibility of establishing an Alternative Staffing Organization in Des Moines, Iowa for Central Iowa Works, the member collaborative of the National Fund for Workforce Solutions. NFWS supports regional funding collaboratives in 30 communities across the US that use a demand-driven, sectoral approach to helping low-wage workers improve their skills and wages.