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Conversion Process

Many business owners look to employee ownership as a way to cement their legacy, yet the process can be confusing and perceived as risky. For business owners exploring this option, this short report is the place to start.

This document provides answers to the most frequently asked questions about employee ownership, it details the process of converting to a democratic firm, and covers the many reasons business owners should consider worker ownership. Thus, it serves as a tool to help business owners determine whether employee ownership is the right fit for their business. Other resources business owners may find helpful can be found below, or at our Resource Library, which has copies of all ICA’s publications available for download.

Choice of Legal Entity: When selling your business, you need to consider what legal form your business should take and the tax implications of converting. This guide will help you understand the basics.

Employee Ownership: The Tax Benefits:

Key Decisions in Selling Your Business to Your Employees

Repurchase Liability

Unions & Employee Buyouts

The Benefits of Democracy

Case Study: The South Mountain Story

Case Study: Marland Mold: Anatomy of an Employee Buyout