Our Program Areas

  • Business Conversions

    Whether you are an owner looking for support with restructuring your business or planning for retirement, or a worker exploring alternatives for your workplace, worker ownership may be a solution for you. ICA works with business owners of all types to convert their firm to a worker cooperative, a social enterprise cooperative, or a democratic ESOP. ICA provides a suite of industry-specific tools that can help your firm explore best options for your governance structures, operations, succession planning, and expansion.

  • Child Care

    ICA is working to increase the financial resilience of child care businesses and improve the quality of care and the quality of child care jobs. We provide rigorous, industry-focused technical assistance to center and home-based child care businesses across the country. We help exiting center owners leave a legacy by transferring the business to their workers. We also work with community based organizations to start purchasing cooperatives – owned and controlled by child care businesses themselves – that enable local businesses to tap into economies of scale and build networks for cooperation and advocacy.

  • Home Care

    Together with aligned industry partners, ICA is working to strengthen and scale worker-ownership in home care – a powerful business model that builds quality jobs for workers and ensures quality care for home care clients. Through strategic planning, market research, business consulting, financial planning, cooperative conversions and more, the ICA Group is working to transform the home care sector through the worker-ownership model, ensuring that quality jobs and benefits for workers lead to a higher quality of care for clients. ICA has worked with the majority of operational home care cooperatives in the U.S, supporting nearly 3,000 dignified home care jobs.

  • Alternative Staffing

    ICA founded and directs the Alternative Staffing Alliance, a national network of social enterprises that helps disadvantaged job seekers enter and succeed in the workforce. The Alliance serves as a resource to facilitate networking and foster peer learning, while also providing tools and resources to help practitioners grow and strengthen their businesses and increase their impact. Alternative staffing practitioners strive to improve the quality and dignity of temporary work by paying good wages, promoting high safety standards, and equipping candidates for long-term success through coaching and skills training, placement in temp-to-hire opportunities, and access to social supports.