Building a New Economy Since 1977

The ICA Group

At the ICA Group, we believe that job ownership is good for everyone – for workers, for businesses, for communities, for the very health of our democracy.  Through decades of practice, we have seen again and again what it takes to help projects succeed and the difference groups can make when they engage advisors with the requisite business experience and who share their core values.


“To expand economic opportunity and self-determination by supporting initiatives that empower workers, build community assets, and root capital locally through employee ownership.”

Since 1977, the ICA Group has applied expert analysis, results-based planning and a collaborative management approach to helping start and grow worker cooperatives, democratic ESOPs and other social purpose ventures. We believe that all people should enjoy economic self-determination as a means to foster an environment where workers’ livelihoods and the communities where they live are stable and secure. We strive to facilitate such a society by acting as a catalyst for groups working to ensure workers have a meaningful say in their own economic future and through the development of firms that put these ideals into practice.

“The ICA Group is unique in the U.S. in providing sophisticated and undogmatic technical assistance to worker cooperatives, built upon a decades long track record that retains a deep commitment to social justice.  This mixture of clear-eyed expertise and unswerving mission means they understand what it takes to make a worker cooperative succeed—both as a democratic workplace and as a thriving enterprise generating stable jobs for worker owners.”

– Steven Dawson, Strategic Advisor  PHI